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Free Career Counselling for Students and Job seekers

Free career counselling offers a deep conversation with a career specialist who listens to and analyses your academic and skills background and provides you with appropriate and ideal career options for those who are looking for a free career counselling to a dilemma. In addition to free career counselling, Isha Immigration also provides expert guidance on visa procedures and eligibility checks.

Types of Career Counselling

Many people are confused and afraid about their careers and lives and cannot decide anything. They had specific skills and education in any field or school students that passed. Isha Immigration helps these types of troubled people who are puzzled about their professional journey by providing them with free career counselling.

1. Job Switchers / Quitters

Some people who had earlier worked for big companies quit. They didn’t see themselves growing in companies and left the job to switch careers in another field for their professional growth. Some of them often leave due to dissatisfaction with their job profile, job role, poor management, and lack of growth opportunities. Personal reasons, such as seeking a better work-life balance or pursuing a new career path, also contribute to individuals deciding to quit their jobs. These types of people need free career counselling. Isha immigration experts listen to those who wander from company to company for a new chance and provide them with absolutely free career counselling.

2. Newly Passed students who want to study abroad

Freshman graduate students 📚 often face career challenges.. and struggle with choices in shaping their future. They always look for free career counselling. The challenge is based on choosing the right job, advice, professional advice, and btw lots of jamming to choose from. Some factors such as guidance from parents, choosing the right path, deciding which country to go to, and considering future job prospects in addition to their psychological turmoil. Lack of guidance from parents ,free career counselling, and teachers led to research on effectively evaluating potential study areas Consults professionally and provides free career counselling in their new beginnings. We also provide free career counselling online to them who are not able to take offline counselling.

Benefits of Career Counselling

Free Career counselling at Isha Immigration is an integral phase of the immigration process, assisting and determining the people who are keen to move to a new country.Here's how free career counselling can significantly benefit you in your immigration journey:

1. Tailored Guidance: Tour skilled counsellors can evaluate you based on your skills, qualifications, and career objectives from an immigration location point of view and provide you with personalised advice along with free career counselling.
2. Employment Opportunities: We guide you through the process of searching for potential employment options in your planning country, providing you with the vital information you need to take decisive steps for your career.
3. Resume and Interview Preparation: Our professionals help free career counselling and also help you in developing a competitive resume that fits international standards and also coaches you on interviewing skills that will help you increase the possibility of getting employed abroad.
4. Professional Development: Free Career counselling at Isha Immigration offers tools for skill development, enrollment in training programs 💻, and connecting you with relevant networks to help you integrate meaningfully into your new work environment.
5. Adaptation Support: We have information on the cultural and professional norms of the country where you want to work which may be helpful and give you an opportunity for free career counselling with a seamless transition and integration into the workforce.

How Will Isha Immigration Help You?

Isha Immigration a certified visa consultant in India. From approval to overseas travel, they help you through every step of the visa application process. We provide free career counselling in different cities of India. We organise Free career counselling in Pune, career counselling in Mumbai, career counselling in Bangalore, and career counselling in Kolkata career counselling online and offline both for those who want to study abroad or work abroad. At various stages of the career selection and assessment process, Isha Immigration assists with decisions related to mental health, education, and employment. Isha Immigration Counsellors provide free career counselling that play a key role in supporting, enlightening, and encouraging people to make informed choices so their development has improved. The experts at Isha are experts in discovering the hidden social skills of a client. Contact us now! 📞 for the best free career counselling.
Free career counselling isha_immigration
Free career counselling isha_immigration

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